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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs!! This is my first blogpost here, although I am something of a veteran blogger in various forms. This is the first time I've really decided to blog intentionally for business.

Why Boudoir in Manchester?

Boudoir photography is something that is so close to my heart. I absolutely love the buzz from planning the shoot, helping clients choose their looks and their outfits, collaborating with my amazing makeup artist to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

As a photographer, it goes beyond the traditional portraiture that we're all trained in. For an exceptional boudoir photography experience, your boudoir photographer must ensure that they are proficient in different lighting effects, backdrops and posing.

My aim is to go at least nationwide with this career, but for now, I'll be conducting pretty much all of my boudoir photoshoots in and around Manchester, aiming to become the number 1 boudoir photographer in Manchester.

boudoir photoshoot in Manchester

How I conduct a boudoir photoshoot in manchester

This may come as a surprise to many people, but I don't have my own studio. And I never intend to. I'd be swapping one 9-5 for another, and to be quite honest I love the diversity that shooting in new locations provides.

I shoot in a variety of locations; boutique hotels with quirky features; stylish and modern private residences; period properties with tons of history.

At the moment all of these boudoir photoshoots are in Manchester.

Booking with me

Because of the way that I work, I do not keep an open booking, erm, book. Instead, I shoot around 10 times per year, and book boudoir photoshoots in Manchester directly from my email list. This means that I don't bombard social media with tons of ads (or at least I try not to!) and also that those people who have signed up get first pick.

On average, for each boudoir photoshoot in Manchester, I'll have a venue for 2-3 days (normally a weekend), and I'll have around 8 spaces available for the whole weekend.

At the moment my prices are based around a fee for the experience (including makeup and planning together, video consultation and wardrobe recommendations) and then you can purchase prints or digital images if you wish.

I am extremely transparent about my pricing; it's one of the main reasons that I got into boudoir photography in the first place.

Boudoir photoshoot Manchester


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