My Inspirations for boudoir photography

There are some amazing boudoir photographers out there - both women and men. Here are some of my very favourites who have inspired me in my boudoir photography journey.

A few years ago I binge-watched a ton of videos and trainings from CreativeLive . Rachel Stephens and her business partner Sean totally blew me away.

I loved how simple Rachel kept her lighting. Herboudoir photographer in manchester setups were immaculate and her retouching was both subtle and breath-taking.

Sadly, a few years ago she decided to leave boudoir photography for personal reasons. She is a great loss to the profession, but has impacted me greatly.

Rachel's business model was also genius, and I adopted parts of it as my own. Like Rachel, I have small children and I want to be around them!

You can still find some of her work online, but her main website is sadly empty.

Photo credit - RSPBoudoir, retrieved on Pinterest.

Boudoir photographer in ManchesterWe'll forgive Jen for shooting Nikon (I'm a canon girl myself), because she's just amazing.

She's inspirational in the way she built her business herself, as a stay at home mom, and also how she has moved on to empowering other photographers, both established and newbies through her Boudoir School.

Jen has also been amazing at building her personal brand and sharing her recent breast cancer journey. Pic on the left is prior to her mastectomy surgery, saying goodbye to her boobs.

Love her.

boudoir photography in ManchesterI have a major girl crush on Stormy. She's bloody amazing. Her photography is out of this world, and I'm pretty sure we'd be besties if we ever met in person. I have a daydream that we'd bond over cocktails and be best friends forever.

Check out her site here.


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