How to Get More Confidence

This is a biggie, right? How to gain more confidence...

As a woman, human, person whatever, it's hard and we all have our moments of not feeling very confident. What is this is recurring thing though? And how do we stop it from impacting on our lives?

I'm raising a little woman (a little man too, but he doesn't need any confidence help!), and I want her to be... well happy I guess. And does a lack of confidence interfere with happiness? You bet.

So this became such a monster article that I have decided to split it into sections. This is the Mental section - things within your own head you can do to help gain more confidence.

Top Tips For Getting More Confidence


  1. Affirmations. The right affirmations said with belief will definitely help. This website has some great ideas. My personal affirmations stem around my insecurities about my work, organisation and parenting capabilities. Also, I'm tired... like a LOT! So I use 'I'm so happy and grateful that I have energy to live my life', 'I'm so happy and grateful that I have a good job which is easy'... you get the idea.
  2. Be your own best friend. Sometimes easier said than done, but if your best friend (or mum, or biggest cheerleader etc) were with you in those moments of self-doubt... what would they say?
  3. Create a banishment avatar. Sounds freaky, right? But years ago I went to counselling to help me through a tough time. The counsellor had me create a strong mental image of a stop sign. I decorated it, it was carried by flying cupid-type angels (the cheesy ones), and had tacky flashing fairy lights. Whenever I got into a mental cyclone of imaginary problems (what if they say this, what if that happens, what if I can't...) I summoned this image.
    Now I use it whenever I have limiting beliefs. The sign pops up and I consciously change my thoughts.
  4. Practise gratitude. It's cheesy, but it works. I'm forever grateful for all of the opportunities that come my way, my husband, my family, my children. Sometimes we need to remember that.
  5. Practise mindfulness. I do a lot of work with vulnerable young people and mindfulness is a huge deal. Heather Rose, from Mindset and Me recently released an adult journalling course which was incredible. Look her up on Facebook to find out more.
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