How to get more confidence - Part 2

So, in the first part of this series, I looked at  ways to get more confidence through mentality and your thoughts.

Here I'd like to focus on getting more confidence through your actions. Although our thought processes are central to our mental health, sometimes we need something physical to give us a bit of a boost.

1. Get Hot!

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I don't mean actually temperature hot, but get yourself groomed. It doesn't have to be vajazzle-tastic, you don't need to go full-on makeover, but sometimes actually getting out of your pjs, having a shower and being nice and clean can give you a mental lift.

When my BFF had her little boy, I remember her telling me that one of the things that kept her sane in those early days was that always had a shower everyday. It was a little thing, but it gave her some control and sense of order to the day.

If you're a mum you'll know how important that is, even the logistics of showering with a newborn in the house if you're alone give me a headache! But if it's a priority, you'll do it.

2. Take Care of that Body

how to get more confident

If you don't look after your body, what are you going to wear??

I don't mean start starving yourself or exercising hard (unless you want to), but do one thing at least a day which takes care of your body.

For me, I need to keep hydrated - if I don't, my skin looks shit, I get bloated and I get headaches - all of which make me feel like a fat loser.

Mind has a great list of mentally healthy foods (is that even worded correctly?!) to help boost brain power and feelings.

Stay away from the fried chicken - it'll bring you down!

3. Get Some Endorphins

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Endorphins are the chemicals released in the brain when good things happen. We can boost our endorphins by doing some simple things:

    • Regular exercise - Yes, I know!!! We all know we should do it, but it is clinically proven to boost our endorphin levels,
    • Being a nice person (honestly, the act of giving something to somebody releases endorphins in the brain). Not just the Big Issue seller, but what about that woman across the road who struggles to park her car, or that lady with 3 kids who you know is struggling financially - how would she feel about £20 popped through her door? I once saw a mum of a couple of toddlers really struggle with trying the fold the bastard double buggy in a car park. People were waiting for her space. She was at her wit's end (and I have been there). It took 2 seconds for me to pop my kids in the car and run over to give a hand. It wasn't the physical help she needed, it was the empathy. It was the 'I've been there, it's shit-hard sometimes but those idiots waiting can wait 30 seconds more' camaraderie that she needed. That woman who was breastfeeding in a cafe and her muslin fell down; that bloke whose carrier bag broke crossing the road; that kid who came to me and just needed 2 minutes of talking....
    • Dark chocolate - anything over 70% is going to kill your tastebuds give you an amazing endorphin rush... but not too much!!!
    • Have a laugh - you won't want to, but put your absolute favourite comedy on and actually watch it. All the way through. Laughing is an incredible mood-lifter,
how to get more confidence

I hope this helps. I have been there in the dark times. I've had PTSD, ante-natal and postnatal depression and there is light at the end of the shitty tunnel.

I love you xxx


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