Your Boudoir Photoshoot in Manchester very important to me (and you!!)

So many of my clients come to me when they're at some kind of transition in their lives, or need a pick-me-up.

That's one of the main reasons that people come to me for their Boudoir Photoshoots.

I have some hard limits on photo-editing though, and I hope you understand why...

Boudoir photoshoot in manchester

Boudoir Photoshoot - The 'Filter' Generation

I am SICK of people posting images with the whole 'face-blur' filter on social media. I understand (probably more than the next person) the need to feel a bit better about yourself, but surely manipulating everyday photos is going a bit too far?

Nonetheless, it happens and very frequently.

Some of the bigger studios that provide Boudoir Photoshoots in Manchester will actually ask you if you want to go down a dress size when they edit the pictures...

I guess it's all in personal taste.

How Much Editing Do You Do?

If you've had a shoot with me, or have been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know that my approach is entirely individual. It's very much dictated by my clients.

That said, I do have some golden rules;

  1. I will edit out any distractions - anything that takes away from the focus of the image will be smoothed away. Wrinkles in fabric, labels, light sockets etc
  2. I will not take a dress-size off you, but if necessary I will smooth out any kinks in corsets etc. I will also minimise back fat if you wish
  3. I will fix any fallen makeup and uneven skin tones
  4. If you want me to remove anything specific, or highlight any of your features, that will be done at your request

My Main Aim

My main aim with all of my shoots aligns directly with my vision and ethos.

I want you to be the most beautiful version of yourself, so that you can see what others see about you. For most people, this means being happy, relaxed and having fun.

You'll always get that with my boudoir photoshoots, no hard limits there.

Boudoir photoshoot in Manchester


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