Makeup For Boudoir Photography

Makeup for photography is quite different to a normal makeover. There are obviously different factors to consider, the lighting, cameras and lenses to be used and the overall look that you're going for. Read on for the top tips from my makeup artists as well as my own photographic experience.

Makeup for boudoir photography

Know What Look You Want

When styling makeup for boudoir photography, every single client is unique. Some people like a natural look, others want to go all Dita Von Teese - there's no right or wrong answer, but research is key.

The best and happiest clients with their boudoir photography makeup are those who have an idea of what look they're going for.

With all of my boudoir photography clients, I set up a private Pinterest board with our makeup artist to look through some of their ideas. It's really important for all involved to have clear expectations. For example, I have quite hooded eyelids - a smokey eye is never going to look great (apparently!)... but my makeup artist can show me what will look amazing and what will work on my face.

Makeup for boudoir

Preparation for your Boudoir Makeup

You should ensure that any hair removal (especially facial) is done at least 1 or 2 days before your shoot.

Don't arrive in makeup! Hahahaa, this just adds an extra step for our makeup artist. You should have cleansed and exfoliated the day before.

Make sure you tell us during your initial consultations about any sensitivities or allergies you may have.

Products to use (and avoid) for your boudoir makeup

We will be using flash/continuous lighting for most shoots, so it's really important that our makeup artist uses products without an SPF, as this will reflect and make you look all sweaty!

We also make sure that we use excellent false lashes (if you're having them), as the cheaper ones can also reflect the light and look plastic-y.

Don't be alarmed if we end up using more products in a darker shade than you are used to - the camera and lighting tends to wash people out, so we have to compensate beforehand.

Makeup for boudoir photography

Don't Be Afraid to ask!!

If you would really like a specific look or technique used in your makeup for boudoir photography, don't be afraid to ask!

This isĀ your day and your experience - we are there to cater to your style, your shoot and make sure that you have an amazing experience with us.


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