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boudoir photoshoot in manchester

Boudoir Photographer in Manchester

Hi, I'm Nic,

I’m an established speaker, presenter, educator, portrait and family photographer, active member of the MPA and SWPP, and founder of the Goddess Tribe Project, where women from from all kinds of backgrounds can discover their true beauty in a supportive and adventurous environment, without the pressure of the traditional photography sales model

I’m a career-changer and a mum with a camera. I’ve also found myself to be less tolerant of bullshit as I’ve gotten older and I see a LOT of bullshit in both industries that I’m involved in. I want to redress the balance. 

As a working mum, a domestic violence survivor and a serial yo-yo dieter, I found an outlet for some ‘me’ time through photography. Through boudoir photography, I found a way to help real women rediscover their beauty and themselves. I have trained with some of the most exceptional photographers on the planet and I continue to invest heavily in my own education and training.

In 2017 I launched Nic Knott Pix and in 2018 I launched the Goddess Tribe Project. I was pretty peed off with the current state of play with boudoir photography; it seemed to be far more about the photographer and their sales than about the experience of the individual woman. I felt moved to redress that balance.

I am on a mission to change the way that women view themselves and other women; to end the competitive nature of our relationships (did you breastfeed? Oh you’re working full time? He’s not vegan?) and allow women from all walks of life to realise their inner goddess.

Sometimes outspoken, sometimes opinionated, always 100% honest, my vision has gone from dream to reality because of the fabulous women I’ve had the opportunity to work with.