Bespoke boudoir photography for every woman.

For a while now, (ever since I attended my friend Leanne’s Goddess Glow retreat in fact), I’ve been preoccupied with the idea that for women, females, warriors etc, there’s an awful lot of unsupportive behaviour that goes on in our lives. 

Off the back of that, and those 'Mean Girls' comments and experiences that grown ups still have to deal with, I started following my heart and shooting boudoir photography almost exclusively.

I’ve often heard female friends say that they’re better friends with men, or that ‘girls don’t like’ them, or they’re ‘one of the lads’. I’m calling this out right now; this is bullshit.

I honestly believe that every single woman in the world is gorgeous, and that 99% of us don’t realise it. 

There will not be any in-person sales when you have a boudoir photoshoot with me (you know, where you have to go back to the studio to view your images and they play an amazing tear-jerking slideshow and try to upsell etc). 

I’m not a salesperson, I’m a mum with a camera and a shedload of training who wants you to see what everyone else sees.

If you don’t buy any images, fine. I’ll consider it a failure on my part to not show you in the best light, but I’m not after sales.

I’m after empowering (I bloody hate that word), but I am after empowering sisters and bringing about a new movement in sisterhood.

No more bitching.

No more competition amongst fellow women.

This is our tribe.