boudoir photography in Manchester prices

Sooooo, pricing! How much is your boudoir photoshoot in Manchester going to cost?

OK, so this is how I work:

I use either private residences or boutique hotels for shoots.

The sitting fee, normally between £100-200, includes:

  • Pre-shoot consultations (ideally in person or on video chat if not)
  • Custom mood board, in collaboration with you (obviously!) and our makeup artist
  • Hair styling and makeup on the day
  • Private shoot venue
  • Retouching after the shoot
  • Private online gallery for viewing photos afterwards.
  • No Bullshit as standard
  • No in-person sales

Why the heck do you do it this way???

In all honesty, I'm shit at selling and it makes me feel all icky. Not only that, but I've had several clients come to me in tears because their whole experience was totally ruined by some hard sales techniques at their viewing.

This absolutely sickens me. Your shoot is all about YOU.

It takes the pressure off of me to produce sales in order to cover my costs, and it takes the pressure off of my clients who have paid for their experiences already.

Should you wish to purchase images afterwards, great!

I will be super proud that you love them and want to own them forever.

I will not put any pressure on you to purchase anything, let alone something you can't afford or don't really want.

If you love them, I do offer payment plans to spread to cost out.

My pricing for images is below.

Boudoir photography in Manchester