Boudoir Photoshoot FAQs


 What’s the catch?

There is no catch! That’s the whole point of this entire project. One sitting fee. No hidden charges. No photographer promising the Earth and then a pressured ‘viewing’ or ‘reveal’ of your images. Just an amazing experience. Let’s make this clear, I do need a profit, and that’s where the sitting fee comes in. Look at what it includes though, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

  • 1-1 consultation (in person if possible, but video chat if not)
  • Custom mood board in which we collaborate on with our makeup artist (who is AWESOME!!)
  • Wardrobe advice (I’m Boudoir Wardrobe trained. Who even knew that was a thing?!)
  • Private shoot in a private location
  • Hair styling and makeup
  • Photoshoot itself (duh)
  • Private online gallery for your images, online for 7 days and available approx 2 weeks after your session
  • No pressure to buy anything at all

How much is a boudoir photoshoot?

It depends on my overheads, which depend on the location. Generally speaking though, you’re looking at £100-200 for the sitting fee, some of this is due upfront to secure your booking, the rest is due before the shoot starts. It includes all the elements above.

Prints, canvases and books vary in price. The average that a client invests is around £200-300. The quality of the prints is exceptional. There is no pressure or expectation for you to spend anything on prints or images. That’s one of my ‘hard limits’ (think 50 Shades haha!).

It’s worth noting that I can do a bit-by-bit payment schedule. No sweat.

I also offer some digital packages on personalised USBs.

How good are you at boudoir photography?

I’m pretty good!

I don’t ask my boudoir clients to sign a model release unless they have some amazing shots which are quite anonymous.

I’m a member of the Master Photographer Association and the SWPP and am working towards my next qualifications with them.

What happens at the boudoir photoshoot?

So your booking is for 2 hours and that is inclusive of hair and makeup both in time and price. You’ll be with our makeup artist for around 45 mins – 1 hour and then you and I will confirm the outfits that you’ve brought (probably already decided on our mood board). I recommend that you bring 3 outfits; you’ll get into 2 of them, but it’s always better to have a little more than a little less, right?! Once we start shooting, it’s around 45 mins of shooting time. We’ll do 2 of your outfits and if you feel comfortable then you can go for a risqué shot if you wish!


Approximately 2 weeks after the session you’ll receive an email with a link to your secure online proofing gallery. All of the images that you will see there will have been lightly retouched, but not fully done. They will also be watermarked.

Attached to that email will be a teaser image – the images I use for marketing are teasers that clients have allowed me to use. It’s a fully retouched image that is designed to show you how I envision your full retouching to look.

On average you’ll be proofing between 30 and 50 images for retouching.

How much retouching of my boudoir photos do you do?

It would be so easy to say ‘I do everything!!”, but the reality is that I work hard on getting the little things right; skin, makeup exposure, any scars you want removed, any blemishes you want removed etc.

I’ll sort out anything that’s a distraction to your gorgeousness❤️.